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The Best Technology Means the Best Security

Install Effective Wireless Alarms from Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland

For more than 8 years, SecuriTech has proudly provided customers with unrivalled remote alarm systems. Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, our friendly company expertly fits wireless alarms that combine robust security with incredible ease of use.

Dependable Technology

Wireless, remote alarm systems are becoming increasingly popular thanks to advances in the reliability of wireless technology. The systems we provide have come a long way in recent years. IN addition to versatility, our systems offer the same reliability you would enjoy with a hard-wired burglar alarm. Wire-free alarm systems have finally reached the high standards we personally hold all of our products to. That’s why we now feel happy to recommend these products to you.

Disturbance-Free Systems

Switching from a wired system to a wire-free solution is a fantastic idea for customers with a keen eye for interior decoration. Our fully
trained engineers will install a wire-free system into your property with minimal disturbance to the appearance of your home.

Perfect for New Builds

The wire-free options we provide are hugely popular among clients furnishing newly built properties. That’s because our solutions may be installed within a schedule of works, or retro-fitted by new owners with no disturbance caused. Plus, our services are offered at a fixed cost. As a result, building contractors throughout Stockton, Middlesbrough, and Darlington have relied on our dependable solutions for several years. We also provide extensive home entertainment installation services

Monitor Your System

Monitored and pet-friendly wireless alarms are readily available. The wireless alarms we fit support self-monitoring via an app for mart devices, or a standard web browser. This allows you to control or monitor your wireless alarm remotely.

A Wealth of Accessories

The wireless alarm security systems we provide may be enhanced with a wide range of accessories. These offer additional protection against theft, as well as environmental hazards. Some of the accessories we provide make the remote alarm ideal for elderly care. The accessories we offer include:

- PIR Detectors
- Pet Friendly Detectors
- Door Contacts
- Shock Sensors
- Remote Fobs
- Smoke Detectors
- PIR Cameras

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